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Amish built chicken coops can carry a hefty price tag. Here are 5 reasons why the upfront cost is well worth your trouble.

A large red Amish built chicken coop sitting on beautifully manicured grass pasture.
© The Hen House Collection

There is something seriously so charming about having a handful of chickens, fresh free-range eggs, and a beautiful chicken coop in your own backyard.

Whether you are just starting out or a well-seasoned chicken farmer, investing in a high-quality chicken coop will always be a top priority.

While some regions have extreme temperatures, others have a wide variety of predators just waiting to invade your hen house. Every family will have different and specific needs with regard to protecting and housing chickens. 

Even though Amish chicken coops may be out of your budget for animal shelters, you will absolutely receive a proper return on investment many times over.

So, why are Amish built chicken coops so awesome?

1. Amish craftsmen are exactly that – skilled craftsmen

The Amish are known for much more than their freshly baked friendship bread. The men are expert craftsmen. 

You will be hard pressed to find a higher quality piece of furniture or structure than those built by hardworking Amish men. An Amish made chicken coop is built to last for decades in any climate.

2. Custom orders and coop design are no trouble

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right size for your needs. Other times, the entry doors are in the wrong place because the chicken run needs to be on a particular side of the property. 

What about if you want the chicken house to look like a mini version of your farmhouse? 

For Amish skilled craftsmen, nothing is an issue. They will work with you every time to bring your dreams to reality.  

3. Amish built chicken coops include top notch features

Many custom builders offer 5 or 6 different styles of prefab wooden chicken coops or chicken tractors for buyers to choose from. 

With batten siding, pull out litter trays, automatic chicken doors, a wide variety of stain colors, and a metal roof, the Amish take customization to a whole different level producing beautiful chicken coops for every taste and style.

4. The best chicken coops are the ones that don’t break

Interior picture of an Amish built chicken coop. Nesting boxes are to the right and roosting perches are to the left. Black hardware cloth covers openings for ventilation.
© Smucker Farms

If I’m going to have daily contact with a structure on my property that is going to last 20+ years, it makes sense to spend a little more money up front for quality. 

They’re well insulated, impervious to predators, will never have roof leaks, will never have door latches break, and are easy to clean.   

A chicken coop is something that I will have to look at, clean regularly, and be in daily contact with – it’s much easier to tolerate the daily chores if it doesn’t require me to be a carpenter right before a major summer storm. 

5. Amish built chicken coops are just beautiful

White board and batten amish built chicken coop with a metal roof.
© Smucker Farms

I mean, come on. They really are. 

Where to Buy Amish Built Chicken Coops

Sun Hill Barns – Lititz, PA

The Hen House Collections – Lancaster, PA

Amish Barn Co – Oneonta, NY

Smucker Farms – Nolensville, TN

Lancaster Chicken Coops – Lancaster, PA

Jim’s Amish – St. John’s, MI

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