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Learn how to make an all natural DIY Dandelion tincture from a freely accessible plant for your home apothecary.

how to make dandelion tincture

Dandelion is one of the most beneficial plants that we have access to. Many people view this powerful plant as an invasive weed, but there are so many ways it can benefit your health. 

All parts of the dandelion plant – leaves, roots, and flower heads – can be used. Depending on which part of the plant is available, you can prepare a tincture, tea, or sprinkle bits on salads.

Health Benefits of Dandelion

Dandelion is capable of helping your teeth, kidneys, liver, skin, heart, and blood pressure. 

The beautifully sunny, yellow flower heads are excellent in assisting irritated, painful skin. When chewed the leaves can help restore the enamel on your teeth. The leaves also help support the kidneys by acting as a natural diuretic to reduce fluid retention and eliminate waste through urine. 

Dandelion is rich in potassium which balances the body’s salts, holds onto your vitamin B’s, and magnesium. It’s high level of antioxidants reduce free radicals in the body.

Dandelion roots support the liver by helping it not only function, but cleanse and run more efficiently. It’s a well known liver detox which leaves you feeling clean and active. 

Supplies You May Need to Make Dandelion Tincture

  • Dandelions; root to flower heads (always only take 5-10% of what you forage from a given area) 
  • Shovel or Trowel; to gather the delicate roots deep in the soil
  • Knife 
  • Cutting board 
  • Clean Glass Jar & Lid
  • 80-100 proof Vodka
  • Muslin or Cheesecloth  

How to Make a Dandelion Tincture 

  1. Gather your Dandelions
  2. Clean off soil, browned leaves and stems
  3. Separate your flower heads, leaves and roots
  4. Set most heads aside incorporating 3 or 4 in your tincture. 
  5. Roughly chop your leaves and roots. Split thick sections of roots down the center with a knife. By chopping, you are creating more surface area for the alcohol to extract from. 
  6. Put all chopped dandelion parts into a clean glass jar.
  7. Pour 80-100 proof vodka up to the collar. Use a skewer or a butter knife to poke around so any trapped bubbles are released. Then top off with vodka to the brim and lid.  
  8. Label and date. 
  9. Shake the jar every few days and let sit in a dark closet or pantry for 4-6 weeks. 
  10. After enough time has passed, use a strainer or muslin cloth to pour the tincture out into a bowl and filter out the plant material. When the plant material is cleaned out, pour the tincture into storage jars.
  11. Store in amber bottles for your apothecary.

How to Use Dandelion Tincture

Everyones body has different needs, so using tinctures is unique to the individual. Standard dosage is 5-15 drops, 3-5 times a day. Always start small and slowly build over time.

Freshly made dandelion tincture in a glass mason jar.

Common Ailments Alleviated by Dandelion Tincture

Mastitis and Low Milk Production

Blood sugar issues

Urinary tract disorders

Skin wounds, warts, or corns

Diuretic and Detoxification

Iron deficiency anemia prevention

Inflammation and arthritis

When Should I Not Use Dandelion Tincture?

Do not use dandelion tincture, tea, or any other preparation if you are allergic to dandelions or similar plants such as ragweed, chrysanthemum, marigolds, daisies, or yarrow. 

Do not take if you are pregnant without consulting with your midwife or OB prior.

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how to make dandelion tincture

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