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Last Updated on August 9, 2023 by Kiersten James

Learn how to make an all natural DIY liquid dish soap without synthetics, artificial fragrances, or commercial dyes.

all natural DIY liquid dish soap

When I was making the effort to change my home over to a low-toxin setting, my trusty blue Dawn dish soap was one of the last things to go. It worked well to cut through grease and something about that nostalgic smell just made me feel like everything was clean after I had finished doing the dishes.

However – my hands were always dry, cracked, or bleeding, cuticles ripped to shreds, and every now and then, I’d find blue streaks running down the sides of my white farmhouse-style kitchen sink.

On a whim, I made my own version using Castile soap during the lockdown and haven’t bought blue Dawn since.

This all natural DIY liquid dish soap is easy to make, reliable and offers consistently clean, streak-free results.


  • Liquid soap dispenser
  • Castile soap, unscented
  • Essential Oils

How to Make All Natural DIY Liquid Dish Soap

Fill your soap dispenser with unscented Castile soap and add 30 drops of your preferred essential oils. It’s that simple!

The essential oils I use for dish soap sway back and forth depending on what time of year it is, if I’m nauseous from morning sickness, or craving something fresh.

Some common choices are: tea tree, lemon, sweet orange, 20 drops lemon + 10 drops clove, rosemary, or pine.

For extra greasy messes

Plug the drain and fill the sink with a few inches of warm water. Add a few pumps of dish soap along with a 1/4 cup (or more depending on how much water you are using) to the dishwater. Let soak for a few minutes then proceed with cleaning.

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all natural DIY liquid dish soap

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